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Recent print publications

Bosbeer A (2015). Democracy through lobbying: Working to affect the EU. Article exploring methods used by a Quaker organisation at the European Union. Originally published in Around Europe 362.

Bosbeer A (2015). Will trade trump well-being? Around Europe. Quaker Council for European Affairs. February.

Bosbeer A (2012). Cutting ourselves off from Mother Earth. Around Europe. Quaker Council for European Affairs. November.

Bosbeer S, H Denman, J Hawe, D Hickie, P Purser, and P Walsh (2008). Review of forest policy for the Heritage Council. Report submitted to the Heritage Council of Ireland, May 2008.

Bosbeer S (2008).’’Responsible wood use’’ Organic matters. 102. July/August 2008. pp14-15.

Recent presentations

Bosbeer A (2013). Costs of pricing nature: Implications of payment for ecosystem services in Europe.Talk presented at Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management conference, Birmingham.

Bosbeer A (2011). High Conservation Value Forests and ecologists’ contribution to the quality of Forest Stewardship Council certification. Talk presented at the British Ecological Society symposium ‘’Forests and Global Change’’. 28-30 March. Cambridge, UK.

Bosbeer A (2009). The Forest Stewardship Council and Carbon. Invited seminar at Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC, USA. April.

Blogs on policy

[art blogs are available on The Bear Gallery]

Bosbeer A (2017). Democracy is anti-autocratic. Blog reflecting on whether a leader should only allow a vote liekly to go as s/he desires.

Bosbeer A (2017). Hidden assumptions about democracy.

Bosbeer A (2017). Leadership in governance. Blog reflecting on popular notions of what a leader should be.

Bosbeer A (2017). Splitting societies. Blog on social perception and populism.

Bosbeer A (2017). An objective media. Blog on the importance of objectivity and ethics is reporting.

Bosbeer A (2017). Sowing doubt. Blog about fake news and its role in democracy.

Bosbeer A (2016). Strong men. Blog exploring why voters may be attracted to populist leaders.

Bosbeer A (2016). Walls against compassion. Blog exploring the reasons for the Calais camp of refugees.

Bosbeer A (2016). Brexit and movement of people. Prior to the Bexit referendum, examining immigration to the UK.

Bosbeer A (2016). How is Europe doing on peace? Blog about peace assessments globally, the EU, and Brexit.

Bosbeer A (2016). Response to terror. Blog exploring how we could respond differently to terrorist violence in our cities.

Bosbeer A (2016). What is the alternative? Blog exploring the actual results of some elections, compared with the reported summaries.

Bosbeer A (2016). Fear in democracy. Blog reporting on Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly debate on terrorism.

Bosbeer A (2016). Flooding. Blog about migration and refugees, and the response of the EU member states.

Bosbeer A (2015). Climate ‘Monopoly’. Blog about ‘business as usual’ and climate negotiations.

Bosbeer A (2014). Liberating people instead of trade. Blog about investor protection in a free trade agreement.

Bosbeer A (2014) Trading for Injustice. Blog about free trade agreements and the EU.

Bosbeer A (2014) Paper is patient but nature isn’t. Blog reporting on the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly debate on climate change.

Bosbeer A (2014) Energy and (In)security. Blog on natural resources as a cause of conflict in Ukraine.



Earlier publications

Bosbeer S (2007). ‘’Seeing the wood for the trees: Plant some woodland and restore natural functions to the landscape. ‘’Organic matters. 97. September/October 2007. pp16-17.

Bosbeer S and Hawe J. (2007). Model Native Woodland Plans: Native Woodland Scheme Trainings July 2007. Management plans for Coole Park, County Galway, Ireland.

Bosbeer S and Little D (2007).’’Rekindling skills in coppicing.’’ Crann. 77. Summer. p22.

Van der Sleesen S (2004). The potential for non-timber values in Irish woodlands. Invited talk presented at the Native Woodland Conference, 9-11 September. Galway, Ireland.

Van der Sleesen S (2002). Social values and public opinion in Irish forests. In Forestry at the Great Divide, Proceedings of the Society of American Foresters’ Annual Symposium, Denver, CO, 13-17 Sept. 2001. p452-462.

Van der Sleesen S (2001). Forest resources in a scarcely wooded environment. Poster presented at the International Policy Research Symposium, “The changing role of forestry in Europe: Between urbanisation and rural development”. 11-14 Nov, Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Van der Sleesen S (1999). The place of woodlands and forests in the Irish landscape. Talk presented at the British Ecological Society winter meeting, Leicester, England. 5-7 January.

Van der Sleesen A (1998). The concept of nativeness. Talk presented at the Irish Botanists Meeting, Dublin. 1-2 April.

Van der Sleesen A (1994). Pollution and Siberian pine forests: Effects of industrial emissions on the subtaiga forest of the Baikal-Angara watersheds. Baikal as a natural laboratory for global change. INTAS/Russian Academy of Science conference, Irkutsk, Russia. May 11-17. Conference abstracts vol. 7. p55-56.


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